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Hello! I'm so glad you're here. My name is Stevie. I'm a Seattle-based photographer + storyteller. The feeling I get when I capture authentic moments is what motivated me to start my business. When I became a mom, I wanted to hire a photographer for every milestone. I picked up my DSLR and turned the dial to manual. I had no idea the passion that was about to follow! Now here I am, serving the world with the artistic talents God has blessed me with. A dream come true. I hold what I give to my clients so dear to my heart, because life passes quickly & when everything else is gone, the photographs remain. 

I am a mother to my sweet, spirited & incredibly in-tune toddler, Stella. I start every morning with her having coffee talk (she calls her hemp milk “steamer coffee”), doing yoga & cooking breakfast. Mother/daughter mediations are one of the highlights of my day. I love animals, reading, Mother Earth, food, connecting with fellow humans & travel. I am growth driven and open to all of the challenges with the joy life brings. Bring on the expansion, growing pains and all!

Photography is my passion and I am committed to creating images that evoke the emotion of your moments for a lifetime. Helping fellow business owners live their dream life by achieving their business goals with visual content for their marketing lights me up! I love telling stories in event & documentary settings. Couples in love & adventure weddings... YES! My photography is my self expression, my medium to support nonprofits & causes that work to create a better world, and my favorite way of making new friends. 

What I do feeds my soul.

I invite you to connect with me! Let’s get to know each other and chat about the beautiful collaboration we can create. I love to travel and I'm always up for an adventure.

xx Stevie